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Zyean Cutler,

Zyean Cutler,

Hamilton Boys High School

Year 11 in 2018. Top in the World in IGCSE Cambridge Co-ordinated Science with a mark of 98%.

Zyean was a Year 11 ALP (Advanced Learning Programme) student at Hamilton Boys' High School in 2018. He was entered into the CIE (Cambridge Internation Examinations) IGCSE double-award Co-ordinated Science Examination which is a course done throughout the World. He found out in January this year that his mark of 98% placed him 1st in the World. His award was recognised in Auckland at the CIE Awards Ceremony in February this year. He is currently studying towards Cambridge AS level papers in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics as well as NCEA Level 2 in these subjects. Zyean is a gifted and talented student who is destined to be a top academic in the Science field in future years.

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